Some of the Founding Components of the JSB Foundation that will make it a Success

The JSB Foundation is made possible by a number of key components. These are:

JST Bank

The JST Bank is the most popular protocol in the foundation. It automatically moves the funds of users between DeFi lending protocols in TRX to maximize the APY. It represents one of the pioneering efforts at combining data to maximize profits.

Instead of having to move between various DeFi platforms, JST Bank will allocate the funds of users automatically to platforms with the highest APY. The result I that the crypto portfolio becomes more accessible to beginners while also being more appealing to experienced users due to the convenience it offers.

It represents the first generation of what is known as profit optimization. It begins with attractive interest rates for various digital assets, which then creates demand for different platforms. One ways users can make money is by joining a liquidity provider. The users will get JSB tokens each time they provide liquidity to a pool on JST Bank.


JSBTrade is a decentralized exchange that offers users binary options. Users can analyze and predict trends, pick crypto coins to increase or decrease in line with fluctuations of the markets and to profit if their prediction is correct. Using the blockchain helps to ensure that the who process is transparent and decentralized.


JSBswap operates as an automated liquidity protocol that is powered by a constant product formulation. It is implemented in a system comprised of non-upgradable smart contracts, which are secured by the TRON Blockchain. Doing so eliminates the need to use trusted intermediaries, leaving room to focus on anti-censorship, security, and decentralization.

Every JBswap smart contract manages a liquidity pool that is comprise of two TRC20 tokens. Anyone can join the pool as a liquidity provider. All they need to do is submit an equivalent value of each underlying token and in return, they will receive group tokens. The group tokens track LP shares proportionally in the total reserves and they can be redeemed for the underlying assets when the holder choses to do it.

JSB Card

The JSB Card is a debit card provided by JSB Foundation. The card will enter the European-American market soon and it will allow users to spend their crypto holdings as USD in real time. To achieve this goal, the platform will work with banking institutions located in the US. With the cards, users will be able to deposit USD into their account and use it to but o sell crypto on demand. These accounts will be covered by Federal insurance and Business insurance.


JSBorrow is designed as a credit vault for lending using smart contracts. Some of the funds deposited in pools in the JST Bank will automatically be move into the JSBorrow protocol. The protocol will work as a credit warehouse for crypto lending secured by smart contracts. Everything is automated using algorithms and secured by the blockchain to maximize profits for the flows of crypto deposited into the

JSB Foundation.

This protocol will also connect with other protocols outside and within the ecosystem for create a sustainable chain that improves cash flow efficiency. Besides that, it will help to create another liquidity pool, which will offer investors more security when they deposit their digital assets into JSB Foundation.

JSB liquidate

JSBliquidate helps user use instant loans can be used to liquidate their money. The protocol automatically detects liquidity shortages inside liquidity pools and it automatically uses fast loans on the TRON DeFi lending protocols such as JUST and Zethyr Finance via automated and built-in algorithms. The quick loans will automatically be distributed and delivered on time to the pools. This mutual supports between protocols within JSB Foundation creates the unified block.

JSB networks

The JSBNetworks is an important core component of the ecosystem. It helps to maintain data and interactions between existing platforms inside the ecosystem. Besides that, it interacts and connects with other DeFi platforms to create a sustainable ecosystem.

JSBNetworks will strive to improve adoption and forge partnerships, grow the blockchain community globally, shape laws created for the sector as well as commercial standards while ensuring the accountability of stakeholders.

The JSBNetworks will also develop cross-functional initiatives that are designed to raise awareness while applying JSB Foundation to a wide array of audiences. Another core function will be to implement the global market strategy of the JSB Foundation and the JSB Foundation with a focus on the promotion of adoption using results-based exercises.

JSBleverage and JSBgov

The goal of JSBleverage is to create X5 leverage between stablecoins. It will also work to create more playing field for stablecoins for users of the platform.

JSB Foundation features a deposit dashboard which makes it east or users to make bets or cancel their positions of the of the ecosystem’s liquidity groups called JSBgov.

Upcoming Events

The JSB Foundation plans to launch an IEO on the P2PB2B exchange. Its IEO will start on October 15, and it will be open to everyone.


Those core components keep the JSB Foundation running. They ensure that users of the ecosystem.

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