Bitcoin Wallet Review Bitcoin Wallet Review Bitcoin wallet is a reliable service that provides quality services for the storage, purchase and sale of Bitcoins and has extremely positive reviews on the network. The main advantages of the speed of creating a wallet, a simple interface, access to private keys, the ability to buy and sell Bitcoin at the most favorable rate directly through the wallet website. If you are looking for a reliable, convenient and anonymous Bitcoin wallet, is ideally suited for these criteria.

Bitcoin wallet (

Review of Bitcoin wallet wallet is quite simple to use, the interface consists of only the most necessary functions. There is access to private keys, this is an indisputable advantage that increases the level of security of your crypto coins. You can set the commission yourself, depending on the current network load. Translated several languages (Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, etc.)

How to create a Bitcoin wallet

The process of creating a Bitcoin wallet is very simple and takes you literally several tens of seconds of time. To create a Bitcoin wallet, go to the website, enter the email address, password in the appropriate fields, confirm the password and click on the "Login" button. That's it, a Bitcoin wallet is created. Further, the wallet is entered by entering the mail and password (twice, as during registration).

How to replenish Bitcoin wallet

After creating a wallet, the system will automatically generate a unique Bitcoin address for you. To replenish your Bitcoin wallet, just send BTC to this address. After one confirmation of the network - Bitcoins will be credited to your wallet.

How to send bitcoins

To transfer Bitcoins to another wallet, go to the “Send” tab. Then, in the field "Recipient Address", insert the wallet to which you want to send Bitcoin, in the field "BTC Amount" write down the transfer amount. The “Commission” field displays the size of the commission for sending the payment (if necessary, you can increase or decrease the size of the commission). The “Donate” field displays the amount of the donation to help the project (donation is voluntary, if you want to help the project, leave the field filled, if you don’t want to, leave the field empty). After filling in all the fields, click on the "Submit" button.

How to buy and sell Bitcoins

The website has a convenient function for buying and selling Bitcoins directly through the wallet interface using specialized monitoring of exchange offices. You can buy or sell Bitcoin using any electronic currency, using a card of any bank, or using a bank transfer. This function greatly facilitates operations with Bitcoin on your wallet. Through the built-in monitoring of exchangers, you can exchange any electronic money, including Bitcoin, at the most favorable rate. To buy or sell Bitcoin, go to the monitoring site, select the exchange direction, select an exchanger from the list (it is recommended to choose the first exchanger from the list, since it has the most favorable exchange rate), and make an exchange.

Private key

You have full control over your funds in your wallet, as the “Keys” tab provides access to private keys. A user who owns a private key can perform any actions with Bitcoins on a wallet. Accordingly, if you have access to a private key, your funds are protected. This moment is quite important, since most cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets do not provide access to private keys to their users. Therefore, it is recommended to store Bitcoins in a wallet that provides access to private keys. wallet does not store information about your data and private keys, which significantly increases the level of security. It is important. Never and under no circumstances transfer your private key to other users, as in this case you will lose access to the wallet! First of all, after registering your wallet, save your private keys! Bitcoinofficial is a multi-functional, reliable and easy to use Bitcoin wallet, which is suitable both for storing your crypto coins and for performing various operations.


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