Togacoin - The first crowdfunding in the world that distributes revenue during the token sale

As cryptocurrencies settle through the Internet and become a perspective field, a question where to invest arises. While there are countless sites offering to multiply money in a matter of seconds, a real investment must be thoroughly considered. A highly innovative project Togacoin could be a good variant to take into account. Combining the latest IT breakthroughs with environmentally friendly techniques, Togacoin is planning to become an effective mining ecosystem. This article is to outline the system’s technical features, which will make it a safe investment.

The main project’s goal is to break the connection between mining and electricity costs, thus making the business an independent sphere. So long as constantly growing IT ecosystems consume a great amount of energy on a daily basis, it has become of prime importance to reduce the pressure put on the environment. The project starts at the beginning of June and will last for several months. During this time all technical components will be controlled and regulated by a team of highly experienced professionals.

To begin with, it is energy consumption that will be reduced. A redundant cooling system will support a particular temperature and humidity throughout the hardware work, so that tokens are processed in a most effective way. In every room and centre cooling techniques will be applied, which will regulate the temperature effectively. Among the system’s advantages there are low costs and the amount of space saved for the mining itself. At the same time, Togacoin data center management will make all necessary overwatch of installed devices and mining systems.

Togacoin Investment

In addition, all energy will be provided by compatible solar panels and a wind farm in order to make the ecosystem maximally eco-friendly. Constant intensity of energy supply will support work without any interruptions, which will be achieved by a well-chosen location. Just as well, the latest fire protection system of molecular separation will exclude a chance of potential damage.

Togacoin is a safe investment for two reasons. First, it combines natural energy with a developed IT system to provide efficient operating. The main company’s aim is not only mining – diversification of resources is also a crucial factor. Therefore, the project is focused on a long-term partnership instead of one-time transactions. Secondly, token distribution takes place on a weekly basis so that security scheme could be maintained. Togacoin plans to generate up to 120, 000, 00 tokens during the whole project.




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