Technical Review of Xfermoney

The cryptocurrency market grows exponentially with the past of days and money exchanges become more common. Within these matters, the smaller-sized enterprises and retail clients join in a common dissatisfaction whenever they need to interact with middlemen corporations such as banks, brokers or anchors to make the currency exchanges at the expense of costly fees or commissions. They must seek for cheaper alternatives, but the often do not find any reliable option.

Xfermoney plans to get rid of this dissatisfaction with an innovative approach to currency exchanges. They intend to deliver an up-front Peer-to-Peer international money transfers using the Ethereum Blockchain, in order to fully deliver an instant and transparent service. Indeed, this way attacks directly to discomfort and gets rid of having to come to the usual costly middleman. This P2P platform wants to overrun the main issues of the foreign exchange market world, where the best exchange rates are offered to the best enterprises or corporations and small enterprises are often left behind.

The process of Xfermoney is very user-friendly. Once you register, you only need to deposit fund in local currency and then, place a petition to exchange it in the specified currency. Then, your order is linked directly to opposite-direction orders from users and proceeds with the transaction. Lastly, both users receive their money through the platform and then they can choose to transfer it to a local account of choosing.


Xfermoney currently doing an ICO for speeding-up their developing process while also allowing the community to be more involved in their growth. This crowdfunding method intends to beneficiate both investors and platform. Therefore, participants will obtain revenue from the growth of XFM token in the close future. Indeed, Xfermoney seems to aim its objectives to solve an important common issue in currency exchanges. As a start-up process, they still need to rely on crowdfund to one day deliver the service they acutely aspire to.


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