Pecunio, first fully decentralised blockchain investment platform

Pecunio is a redistribution investment platform which will allow a cryptocurrency user be in possession of a prepaid card which permits token spending in currencies around the world. The concept will enable a user to save and spend the cryptocurrency easily. To use Pecunio, a person does not need to be a tech savvy, all one needs is equity to invest.

Why use Pecunio?

• A prepaid debit card: Pecunio users will be given a card that will allow them spend money and exchange it for fiat currency at point of sale. There are no hidden charges to exchange the cryptocurrency for fiat currency, it is completely free. Management will make profit from the management and ICO fees. The debit prepaid card will be valid for 36 months upon collection.
• Pecunio Token: The tokens are all ERC-20 standard and based on Ethereum. Management of Pecunio will make profit through three way, management, performance and ICO fees..


Easy exchanges: Pecunio is customer-centric and offer 24/7 customer care and part of the approach used to draw the attention of the public is the easy exchange of cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies. This will surely put Pecunio on the top as people will now be able to spend cryptocurrencies and with no exchange fee.

Income to the fund token holders will be of huge benefit because 25% of the profits will be reinvested in and will be returned to investors using a compound interest formula.
25% of the profits will be paid to an investment advisor as a performance fee.
50% of the profit will be distributed among stakeholders.


People who pre-register will be allowed to partake of the closed-end token sale.
This sale will only last for 30 days. Pecunio Tokens are Ethereum ERC-20 tokens and only 30,000,000 will be available for sale within those 30 days.
The Exchange Rate is 1ETH (or equivalent) = 200 PCO and stakeholders will be allowed to use other cryptocurrencies to purchase Pecunio tokens. The token distribution sale will begin on the 15th of December 2017 and after the sale, there will be no creation of new Pecunio tokens in a bid to avoid inflation.

Capital Reserve

To create continuity of the Pecunio tokens, 15.000.000 tokens will be credited to the reserve, but not issued. These tokens may never be issued depending on the situation of the future.

What is Pecunio?

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Author: HarryKPeters
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