Brickblock, the future of stocktrading on the blockchain

Because of the various disadvantages of fiat currency, cryptocurrencies are reaping the benefits fueled by the global demand for an alternative currency. One of the main disadvantages of fiat currency is that is its value tends to be volatile as it can be affected by various economic and political measures because it has a central authority. That is why cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are becoming very popular, because their value tends to remain the same if not increase over time The use of commodities such as Gold and silver, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and Real estate funds have also been and continue to be used to diversify an investment portfolio.

Brickblock is a technology that uses a number of proven technologies within the Blockchain world to provide the execution, matching and allocation of assets. It provides a platform to connect investments into and out exchange traded assets such as Bonds and ETFs and cryptocurrencies. With a Proof of Asset Tokens (POA), it means you have real possession of the underlying assets.

Initial coin offering

The Initial Coin Offering (IOC) offered by Brickblock is a means of unregulated crowdfunding through the use of cryptocurrency. You can invest in Real Estate and Exchange Traded Fund. We all know how starting a company can be a hard task because of the huge capital required. This platform provides the perfect source for capital and also over a shorter time Unlike the Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) where investors gain shares, with Brickblock investors buy coins of the company. If the business turns out to be a successful one, the coins bought appreciate in value. There are various reasons why.

Brickblock has revolutionized how people invest in and trade in assets. With traditional trading systems, there is third-party involvement in managing the procedures which result in your ivestment being less flexible and costly.

The Benefits of using Brickblock include;

I. No minimum investment This is unlike banks which often charge you very high minimum investment fees.
II. Independent marketplace This platform is transparent and fully independent unlike with traditional trading systems. And even though it is an independent marketplace, it is safe and provides the best investment prospects.
III. Global investment platform Unlike with traditional trading systems, this technology allows investment in real assets to be done around the world. That is done directly from your Brickblock wallet.

Brickblock Technology

Understanding of the workings of the Brickblock technology is one way in which the importance of the services offered by the platform can be better understood. With better understanding it means the more it is generally accepted or used !understand most of these modern technologies and products can be impeded by the technical nature of the subject. But unlike with other technologies, Brickblock provides you adequate resources to be able to understand its working. Not only are adequate resources provided for your use but they have been provided into two categories, that is Whitepaper general and Whitepaper technical. Additionally, the contents are available in a number of languages such as Russian, Japanese and Chinese. All of that information can be found in the Brickblock official website. In the technical whitepaper, you will find exhaustive information to do with; Brickblock (Access and Brickblock Token and fees etc.), Proof-of-Asset (creation, fraud proofs etc.), crypto funds and compatibility. In terms of the general whitepaper, there is information on how the Brickblock works, market analysis, people Brickblock is meant for, tokens, conclusions and visions.

Brickblock Video

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