Guts.Tickets - Say farewell to secondary ticket fraud & disgraceful prices

In the world of technology, one of the latest functioning concepts is the blockchain. GUTS is an online ticketing system which has utilized this technology to provide the registration and purchase of SMART-tickets. These digital tickets are bought just like traditional ones. They facilitate entry into a variety of events for example music concerts, seminars and conferences. By using blockchain technology, GUTS tickets eliminate the possibility of ticket fraud. In addition to purchasing, GUTS allows you to sell your tickets too. This can be done at a fixed price so as to preserve the value of the ticket and avoid exorbitant prices or dirt-cheap valuation. Here is more about GUTS and their cryptocurrency Initial Coin Offering (IC0).


Unique selling points of the GUTS ticketing system

It is currently active. The GUTS ticketing system is currently active and in use by event organizers in the Netherlands. There is a live application that users can download to get the tickets. Developed by GUTS Netherlands NV, the management behind the application has experience in operating a ticketing company. Moreover, the system utilizes a GET-protocol which allows event organizers to add features to their tickets without the need for technical knowledge.

The GUTS ticketing system is transparent

One of the most endearing features of GUTS is that it is transparent. There are no unpleasant surprises for event organizers or the ticket-buyers. When the ticket prices are set, they stay at the prescribed level with no unexpected fluctuations. This is due to the Ethereum blockchain which has been used to create the GUTS ticketing system. Its application is user-friendly and presents a simple, straight-forward process of buying or selling a ticket.

The GET cryptocurrency

The Guaranteed Entrance Token (GET) is a cryptocurrency that makes the GUTS ticketing system possible. The GET is the fundamental store of value in this system. It allows event organizers to sell tickets. It also makes it possible for users to buy or resell these tickets. Over time, the GET cryptocurrency allows all users to increase the volume of transactions and cover the value of the tickets too.

The GET system is controlled using a collection of price-stabilizing measures. Therefore, the users of the GUTS ticketing system will not get affected by volatility in the crypto-markets. Moreover, the GUTS system is a participant in the Blocklancer platform and provides opportunities for self-employment for event organizers.


There is currently an active Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for the GET cryptocurrency. It is active in the official GUTS website and payment for each GET token is being made in Ethereum cryptocurrency.

The ICO is an effort to raise funds so as to improve the GUTS system so that every ticket company in the world can use it Currently, the system is only active in the Netherlands. For it to be utilized and accepted globally, significant efforts are required in marketing, sales and brand awareness. The developers and management of GUTS depend on the ICO to provide the necessary funds to accelerate the growth of this ticketing system. More about it can be found in the GUTS whitepaper which is available for download in their official website.


The GUTS ticketing system is a new frontier in the industry of electronic ticketing. Not only can users buy tickets, they can also sell them in the platform. Accessible through an application, the GUTS system is transparent and easy to use An active ICO is raising funds for growth of the system to global proportions. It is the beginning of a revolution and you are invited.

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Author: HarryKPeters


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