Tokenbox, an All-Purpose Solution for Fund Managers and Investors

The TokenBox, which is a multi-fund in the crypto-market financial sector, helps traders and portfolio managers manage their funds legally in one ecosystem To shield investors and potential investors from harm, the TokenBox wants to create a massive, legal and secure yet competitive multi-fund management system.

What is unique about TokenBox?

As mentioned, it brings together all players in the cryptomarket, including investors and portfolio managers for them to create funds and manage them within the law and a secure environment.

Since it is legal, investors can transfer mature tokens and put them in exchanges. Also, using the TokenBox platform, legal fees are lowered. Even though it is up 2018 for it to become fully operational, the excitement is all there. The ICO raises quiet a tidy sum of money in such a short period. And with TokenBox platform being able to accept USO and the Euro, investors and portfolio managers can feel secure.

The Whitepaper

All the information concerning the TokenBox, ICO and everything concerning the world of cryptpcurrencies is fully discussed. The aim of TokenBox whitepaper is to merge the numerous and important platforms and create a tool for cryptotraders to use.

The Initial Coin Offering
Viktor Shpakovsky together with Vladimir Smerkins are created in giving rise to them TokenBox. It is through their experience that they were able to co-found The Token Fund which they used as a vehicle in the cryptocurrency market to raise a large amount of money.


Much like an Initial Public offering (IPO) whereby investors buy shares of companies, the ICO is used as a vehicle whereby new projects are able to acquire bitcoins by exchanging their cryptotokens. The opinion of TokenBox and ICO is divided. Some see it as unregulated and insecure and wary by the large amounts raised by the founders. Yet some see it as a great innovation in the financial sector.

Hoe does Tokenbox works?

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Author: HarryKPeters


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