Community based video distribution with Flixxo

The rise of Internet-based streaming services is changing the way video's are being produced, sold, distributed and consumed. Most streaming services offer the chance to select when and where to watch and what to watch. These services are changing the whole audiovisual industry since many movies, TV shows and live events can now be watched on cellphones, tablets, computers and smart TVs.

As technology advances, production companies and other content authors tend not to find a suitable revenue model for their work and consumers find themselves stuck with VOD services that don't meet their desire for audiovisual content. These customers are forced to seek audiovisual content on illegal and unlicensed networks.

By creating an incentivized peer-to-peer network whereby every user can turn itself into a distributor of content and also by providing a decentralized payment channel will help in solving audiovisual content distribution. Rim, is a community-based video distribution network that gets rid of the middlemen and all the infrastructure cost. It creates a platform and a community whereby every author is able to upload content and set the rules of distribution. This develops a new and effective business model for the author's content and also customers can get this content in a legal manner by paying a small price or nothing.

Flixxo will educate its members and users that in this new internet era, value can be transferred through the internet without any intermediaries and that it can also be earned back by taking part in the community's interactions. BitTorrent is a communications protocol for peer-to-peer file sharing and it is also used for distribution of data and electronic files through the internet.

The creation of the token Flizz will help users earn incentives for seeding legal content and they will also get a channel to connect directly with the media producers. The producers will pay the users for improving the network while the users will give the authors recognition for their work. This token will also prevent piracy and spam content for the authors can time-block tokens in a smart contract. Flixxo will combine BitTorrents and smart contracts in order to create the first legal and decentralized content distribution network.

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Author: HarryKPeters


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