Cryptogene: Optimizing Blockchain Solutions

Cryptogene is a multi-platform blockchain hub that is completely community owned. It aims to bring blockchain technology in the mainstream particularly in Africa through the creation and utilization of blockchain-based projects and services.

Cryptogene was founded in December 2016 in Nigeria with the aim of promoting cryptocurrency and blockchain education and knowledge sharing. The team is composed of intelligent and highly knowledgeable individuals that work together to provide a hub that is equipped with the necessary technology and automated processes for both investors and traders. The team wants entrepreneurs, investors, and traders, to develop and implement blockchain-based solutions to their businesses.

The project will focus to work on the following:

• Digest, which is an information-sharing website that is blockchain powered. The Digest is targeted towards professionals and neophytes in blockchain technology.
• blockMART, which allows buyers and sellers to connect with each other. This is aimed at entrepreneurs and retailers who accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment for the service or item that they sell.
• Havene, which is a system that allows the exchange of cryptocurrencies with other digital assets.
• Spiel, which works as a social media platform used for communication and organization of events.
• Silk, which allows users to share blockchain ideas and possibly get funded for start-up. Silk is a helpful platform for members who have new ideas for a blockchain-based system, where they can brainstorm with other members on how to go about starting it All members who shared their ideas and discussed can officially be stakeholders of the project.


Cryptogene is scheduled to have their initial coin offering (ICO) on September 24, where 20 million COT will be made available for sale to interested investors. The ICO will guarantee a higher token value for the buyer.

Cryptogene wants blockchain technology to be mainstream in business. Thus, they provide a hub where people can explore the endless potential of the system.

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Author: HarryKPeters


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