Review: Featured can be considered as one of the leading Bitcoin sportsbooks that can be found out there on the internet. It can be considered as a secure and a safe place available for you to bet on a variety of sporting events. You will even get the opportunity to bet on your favorite sporting events through SportsBet. Even though is relatively to the world of online casinos, it has been able to maintain a solid reputation. SportsBet covers almost all the major sporting events. Moreover, all the players are provided with the ability to make deposits and withdraw funds in the form of Bitcoins. The platform offers maximum security and anonymity as well and the players don’t need to worry about anything. The live betting services offered by SportsBet are impressive and they have contributed a lot towards the popularity of the platform.

Betting on sporting events
As mentioned earlier, SportsBet allows the users to bet on all major sporting events. To make the things more interesting, it allows people to bet for sporting events from all parts of the world. This allows players the opportunity to bet on major football tournaments such as Euro 2016 as well. In addition, players are provided with the ability to interact with a lot of other sporting betting markets such as women’s tennis, soccer, rugby league, motor sports, handball, cricket, baseball, basketball and Aussie Rules. Players will also be able to bet on Olympics, which is scheduled to be held on 2020. Another impressive feature about SportsBet is that the players are provided with the freedom to choose from outright bets, individual bets on specific matches, live sports betting and games that are at this sportsbook. All the odds would appear decimalized within the betting platform, which allows the users to keep peace of mind. People can also think about using fractional or American odds based on their preferences.

When you compare SportsBet with other major online sportsbook websites, you would realize that it is far more professional. Therefore, users cannot expect to get a series of promotions flooded to their inbox through the platform. However, it doesn’t mean that SportsBet is not offering any promotions or bonuses. A lot of exciting bonuses are available for the players and they will get the opportunity to keep peace of mind. Players can take a look at all the promotions offered by SportsBet by having a look at the “Latest Promos” menu on the website. It is important to keep in mind that the promotions offered by SportsBet are restrictive. If there is a promotion that you prefer, you can simply go for it without a doubt on mind.

Deposits and Withdrawals
As mentioned earlier, supports deposits and withdrawals to be made in Bitcoins. Since the website is fully licensed by Curacao, players don’t need to worry about their safety or authenticity when making payments. The fully secure sportsbook would provide players with the opportunity to deposit funds, place bets and withdraw funds in the form of Bitcoins. This comes along with the benefits that are associated with Bitcoins as well. In other words, offers players to experience complete anonymity. This also provides ability for players who live in all parts of the world to take part in betting activities through SportsBet.

Customer Support also offers an excellent support to their customers. Players can follow two different methods in order to obtain support from the officials at SportsBet. The first method is that the players can send an email to the customer support team through their email address. However, this method would not offer instant support for the players. If a player requires immediate assistance, it is possible to use the Live Chat functionality. A dedicated Live Chat application has been provided for all the players and agents are there around the clock. As a result, players will be able to get assistance for all their concerns immediately. The support service of SportsBet is friendly as well and it can help the players to get their doubts cleared.

sportsbet Security
When it comes to an online gambling site, especially a one that deals with Bitcoins, it is important to pay special attention towards security. That’s where SportsBet can help the players with. SportsBet is regulated by the Curacao government. If you don’t know, Curacao government regulates hundreds of other gambling sites as well. They include online gambling platforms that deal with Bitcoin and other currencies. Therefore, SportsBet can be defined as a safe place available for the people to play and engage with their gambling activities. In other words, all the players who join SportsBet will get the opportunity to keep peace of mind.

SportsBet Pros
  • It accepts players from Canada and America.
  • Players are provided with quick and anonymous registration capabilities.
  • Since SportsBet supports Bitcoins, it helps the players to ensure anonymity.
  • It offers live sports betting for the players.
  • Maximum bet can be placed up to 100 bitcoins.
  • The customer support service is friendly and available around the clock.
  • The website looks good and is user friendly.

SportsBet Cons
  • Casino games that are provided through SportsBet are not provably fair.
  • Slight lack of bonuses when compared to other gambling sites.
  • Lack of different markets.

Final Words
People who are looking forward to get their hands on a user friendly online gambling platform can think about signing up with SportsBet. It is a professional sportsbook and is regulated by the Curacao government. This ensures maximum security for all the players. On the other hand, is compatible with Bitcoins, which can help the players to engage with betting activities while ensuring their anonymity. Even though the website lacks bonuses, it offers no-nonsense bonuses for the players. Moreover, quality Bitcoin bets are provided for all the favorite sports events. Therefore, players can join it with peace of mind and have a quality time.


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