Review:, a new kind of bitcoin gambling site, features seamless deposits and withdrawals as well as a clean, crisp new GUI for the best roulette experience.

There aren't many roulette websites like out there these days, and those that do feature roulettes usually have the wheel spinner that most gamblers are familiar with. has created a new form of roulette, and have turned the wheel that so many of us know into a strip of green, red, and black.

While some people may not like this layout, it's a nice change from other sites. also claims that no matter how big or small your bet or wallet is, that it will be completely legitimate- but, however, always remember that house edge is present and no game will ever be 50-50, no matter how low the edge is. Computers are also usually semi-random number generators, as well, so no roll is completely random unless some other method of number generation is used. It is possible, however, to check your rolls on the site- simply click provably fair, and they provide you with a JS checker to prove that a roll is legit. Most sites provide a popup checker for you, but Bi double’s method also works. Just insert the required information they ask of you in the checker, and the roll result will be shown.

Deposits are very easy and quick to do, but there are some limitations on them, as specified on the Deposit page:
Minimum deposit is 1
Deposit will be credited after 1 confirmation.
Minimum bet is 0.001
Each deposit must be wagered 1x before withdrawal.

Each address can be used multiple times, so there's very little risk of you losing your Bitcoin by depositing to an old address. also provides several ways to purchase Bitcoin on the right side of the deposit page if you don't have any, although they do have a small faucet. One thing to note is that you must bet your deposits at least one time in total before you can withdraw- although this may be bad for small bettors, it shouldn't be an issue if you like going big.

Withdrawals are just as easy to initiate as deposits, and there are very few limitations on withdrawals. All the site asks of you is that you need at least 2.5mBTC to withdraw, and there is a base withdrawal fee of 0.2 mBTC. All withdrawals are done quickly and with the right amount of fees, so you'll receive your BTC in no time after you withdraw.

In case you have issues with the site, it's also relatively easy to contact site support on such issues- you can ask basic questions in the trollbox, as there is usually an admin on to assist you with small problems, but issues like missing bitcoins should be alerted of using the support button. Support is only semi-automatic on, although it is quick and processed very quickly once you submit a ticket., a new and very interesting site to play on, is new and should be given time to show its true potential. Although there is not very large volume on the site and it's relatively new, shows lots of potential to grow in the future, and it's also a very fun site to play on if you enjoy rolling the roulette and wishing for a win!


Gameplay 9.5
Deposits/Withdrawals: 9
Site navigation: 8.5
Overall experience: 9

Other details:
Provably Fair: Yes
Affiliate program: Yes
Support: Email

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