A free listing consist of basic information like a logo, website and a description.
A paid listing however is a excellent advertisement page. Not only do they look better. Paid listings come on top of every page; be it a tag overview, search result page or when a user is browsing a category.

Paid is Premium
Paid listings always show on top, We charge a little fee, compared to the extra attention a paid listing gets. To make it even better we provide extra promotion on our homepage and social media pages.

Basic listing

Name, Website + Description - Free

Sponsored listings

A sponsored listing is on top on all pages and is displayed on all pages, being a sponsored listing.
2.50 BTC (1 year)
4.80 BTC (2 years)
7.10 BTC (3 years)

Featured listing

Featured listing in all categories except; Altcoins, Exchanges, Games and Faucets.
0.25 BTC (1 year)
0.45 BTC (2 years)
0.65 BTC (3 years)

Featured listing in; Altcoins, Exchanges, Games and Faucets.
0.50 BTC (1 year)
0.95 BTC (2 years)
1.40 BTC (3 years)


Business Audit
1.0 BTC (1 year)
1.8 BTC (2 years)
2.5 BTC (3 years)

Coin Audit
1.0 BTC (1 year)
1.8 BTC (2 years)
2.5 BTC (3 years)


Do you want gain exposure to our userbase? To inquire, simply contact us and our team will be in touch.
We look forward to hearing from you.

1 month 3 months 6 months 12 months
728 x 90 (top) $1450 $3300 $5400 $9000
728 x 90 (bottom) $500 $1200 $2500 $4000
956 x 40 $1400 $3200 $5000 $8000
250 x 250 $850 $2000 $3500 $5500
Takeover $2000 $4000 $7000 $9500
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