RIVETZ: Decentralised and Mobile Cyber-Security Token

Since the last decade, technology has taken over the world. Tablets and smartphones have evolved into powerful computing devices that come equipped with tons of features and applications. Smartphones are now used for banking, money transfer, user authentication and much more. They contain sensitive information that needs to be protected.


Rivetz is a next-generation cyber security solution which uses the power of decentralized blockchain technology. It has introduced a decentralized cyber security token, RvT. Rivetz uses hardware features for added security and protecting the sensitive information of the customer such as passwords, payment information, credit card numbers, etc.

Unique Features

Most of the security solutions for mobile devices available today depend entirely upon the software. Rivetz uses hardware features to enhance the security of the smart devices. - TEE(Trusted Execution Environment)
TEE is a hardware layer which is present in most of the smart devices. - RvT Token
RvT tokens assure privacy at the hardware level. RvT works with the blockchain technology to ensure that the vault in your device is secure. RvT verifies the device's and data's health which is stored in the device's TEE. Data stored in the TEE is not accessible by the Operating System or any installed software. It remains completely secure from all types of malicious activities. TEE is like a separate vault on the mobile device. Most consumer grade smart devices come equipped with TEE layers that can be used as storage medium for the user information such as passwords, IDs, keys, etc.

Rivetz ICO

Rivetz is carrying out an Initial Coin Offering(ICO) for the purpose of crowdfunding. Pre-defined numbers of crypto-tokens will be released and sold to the intended audience. Through ICO, Rivetz expects to grow its technology and public gets buying units of currency of the technology.

To Sum It Up

Rivetz is offering a unique security solution for making all kinds of transactions and ensuring identity at a hardware level. It is releasing an ICO for expanding the technology. If the technology is adopted widely, early investors will reap the benefits in the future.


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Author: HarryKPeters


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