A Detailed Examination of the CFX Referral Marketing Strategy

The CFX Quantum platform has established a solid marketing strategy that is mainly based around referrals. They decided to use referral marketing based on several key factors.

Why they Chose Referral Marketing

The decision by CFX Quantum is backed by hard science. Data has shown that referrals are the most effective way to market a product. According to the results of a market research study, word of mouth recommendations from family and friends are the most influential. The study found that 84 percent of respondents from around the world found it to be the most trustworthy. The study also found that people were four times as likely to make a purchase when the referral came from a family or a friend. In another study, it was found that over 70% of the respondents trusted reviews and feedback from those who had purchase products that they did advertisements in the media.

The Stages of the Referral Marketing

Social Media and Referral Marketing

Social media promotions are the first step in the referral-marketing program. Users of the app will promote it to their family and friends on various platforms online. To ensure that those promoting the platform online are successful, CFX Quantum has engaged the services of a competent agency.

The agency will focus its activities on Italy as well as the rest of Europe. It will be in charge of generating content such as videos, the landing page, prizes, and social events. Besides that, they will help to reach out to major influencers in Europe who can help to generate content. Users of the app, along with a referral link attached, can then share the content generated by influencers.

New Users Land in the App

Once users of the app promote their referral link using content generated by influencers and the marketing agency, those who click on the link are directed to the app. The app is free and can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices.

From there, CFX Quantum can begin communicating with users directly. They will use this as an opportunity to demonstrate the potential benefits of the wallet exchange. Besides that, they will receive regular updates related to the CFX token. The goal of all communication through the wallet exchange is to convince the new users to sign up for an account.

User Activation

Once a user is convinced to sign up for an account, they can register as a regular or as an ambassador. As a user, they will only be trading on the CFX exchange. However, they can register as an ambassador and get their friends to register on the platform through a referral link. In their role as an Ambassador, they will work closely with the marketing agency, which will provide them with the materials needed to promote their link to their friends.

Once a user signs up, they can deposit funds to their account. If they wish to trade on the wallet exchange, they will have to complete a simple KYC process. The details required in the KYC process are their ID, proof of address, and face recognition. An automated system will check the details and users can quickly start trading.

Referring Friends and Family

For those who like the platform and registered as ambassadors, they will be given a link to promote the wallet exchange online. There will be rewards given for every person they successfully refer to the platform.

As users trade on the wallet exchange, they will also receive information about the developments of the CFX tokens through the app. Other features will be added to the app with time. For instance, users can communicate directly with the support team to receive answers to any questions they might have.

The budget for the Referral Campaign

CFX Quantum is quite serious about its marketing effort. As a demonstration of this, they plan to spend 24% of the proceeds from the IEO in marketing efforts.

The Marketing Agency Leading the Effort

The referral marketing efforts are being led by ATS Sharing, which a close-knit community of people with shared years of experience in the marketing world. What sets ATS Sharing apart is their persistence in the face of challenges. The company is led by Virgilio Degiovanni, who has years of experience in the marketing world.

ATS Sharing has already managed to reach out to 50,000 users in Italy. However, this is just the beginning. Writing with Ambassadors, they plan to reach out onboard one million users by the end of three years, once they expand their efforts throughout Europe. It may seem like a huge feat buy by creatively using referral marketing, they will achieve it with ease. They have years of experience in harnessing the power of Word of Mouth and a great incentive program to achieve their targets.

If you want to be a part of CFX Quantum’s upcoming IEO, and get behind Social Trading, you can learn more by going online to token.cfxquantum.com, visit our token sale landing page, or join the community for more details: t.me/CFXQuantumGroup.


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