CryptoForecast - Risk less, Gain more

Bitcoin, the famous cryptocurrency or the currency of Internet has taken the world by storm and is soon turning into a real currency! Trading in bitcoin has its own advantages and disadvantages. But there lies a risk of “holding”. There are no question marks as far as the safety issue is concerned but one needs to foresee the future scenarios and deploy accurate strategies while trading in bitcoin!

About trading tools in the market

Biggest stigma that haunt people trading in bitcoin is its volatility. There are various tools and software products available in the market now-a-days to trade bitcoins in the market after analyzing it thoroughly.

What is Cryptoforecast?

Cryptoforecast is one of the most popular tools that will help both amateurs and professional traders in coding their strategies with proper logic and understanding. It is basically an application which is based on an algorithm known as “The Pillar”. The algorithm can help you with extremely accurate indications about Bitcoin’s future movements.

How is CryptoForecast different?

• Cryptoforecast is different from other tools in the market because it takes into consideration the various factors deciding the market movements. These factors are moving averages, oscillators, resistance and supports.

• The Pillar algorithm is evolving on a daily basis by adapting to the investor’s characteristics, new movements, new markets, time frames and new strategies. It has also become the foundation of the prediction based decisions by anticipating and forecasting the market accurately.

• The application has a very easy to use interface and you just need to choose the selected frame i.e. H1, H4, 1D, 1W and the time period you want for the algorithm to give you a detailed vision. The good thing is that it also takes into account the past movements in its prediction.

• There is also a concept of initial coin offering or ICO. Any interested investor can be there in ICO for 34 days. The best part of the ICO project is that the allocated bonus will be released within the ICO term period. Bonus division for the investors will take place based on the date of joining the ICO funds project.

- Bonus will be there if the investor contributes on the first day itself and will have a multiplier of 1,5.
- From second day, the multiplier will reduce to 1,2.
- From that point, the multiplier is going to decrease by 0.0074 each day.
- From 30th to 34th day, there won't be any multiplier.

Interested investors can get more details on the official website. So anybody looking for a reliable tool to build their trading strategies can have a look at this wonderful application! And what better than a tool which can accurately predict Bitcoin movements!



CryptoForecast Crowdsale information:


Whitepaper: We will release it before the beginning of the crowdfunding campaign.


How are the funds gathered?

The funds will be gathered on the web page

There are going to be 3 main modes to receive funds:

1. Bitcoin

2. Shapeshift

3. Changelly

Used currency: BTC

Escrow: Yes. We are contacting various escrow, we' ll let you know as soon as possible.

Length of ICO: The ICO will have a duration of 34 days.

Bonus: The funds will be released equally after the end of the ICO. This means that the effective rate will not be determined until the end of the ICO. There are bonus for the first participants, who contributes the first day will be able to have a multiplier of 1,5. From the 2° day the multiplier is going to decrease to 1,2. From that point, the multiplier is going to decrease by 0.0074 each day.
From the 30° to the 34° day there won’t be multiplier.



How tokes are used: CFTs are the only way to sign a subscription and have access to Cryptoforecast. With the increasing of users the CFTs will be more important and they will increase their value.

How are CFTs produced? CFTs are Full Pre-mined, a total of 50,000,000(50 millions)
This means that will ever be only 50MLN of CFTs and there won’t be any process of mining.

Who is the team behind Cryptoforecast? The Team of Cryptoforecast is already known the community of Bitcoin/Altcoin/cryptotrader.
We are going to release all the information before the start if the ICO campaign.


Minimum Target and Development Boost

According to our plan, in order to improve to perfection in reasonable time the predictive algorithm PILLAR and the Forecast application we should be able to obtain at least 250 BTC from the ICO.

However, we have also established a minimum target to reach. If the ICO would gather less than 100 BTC, we will consider the operation failed and we will give the bitcoins back to the investors.

However, if the amount collected will be more than 100 BTC we will proceed to complete the development.
The other funds will be collected with the sale of subscriptions. The algorithm PILLAR, even though isn’t boosted with all the features we want to develop, is an extremely valuable tool that can help each trader.

More capital would allow us to expand the development team and dedicate ourselves completely to this activity. What would the result be?  A drastic shortening of the development time and increase in the same grade of the predictive capabilities and algorithm analysis PILLAR.

Two thresholds, the minimum of 100 BTC and the optimal of 250 BTC that we have called “Development Boost”.



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