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New ASIC resellers are popping up almost daily, making it nearly impossible to determine which is reliable, trustworthy, and stable. Ultimately, the decision has come down to the best price and a crap shoot on who can deliver on their promises. We know. We’ve been there. So we decided to do something about it.

Why are we different? Simply put, not only are we Miner's just like you, we also run a broad group of successful technology companies ranging from a leading ISP, to an innovative R&D lab, to an advanced telephony solutions business. In other words, we are not a fly-by-night start-up or some guy working out of his garage and hoping to become successful. We are a real company, servicing thousands of customers with a full staff to support our clients. We accept all major credit cards, like real companies do, and offer 24 hour support.

We will be the business others aspire to be We will set the industry bar for integrity and professionalism We will do better than our last great success We will create lifelong relationships with our customers We will create order and balance in our industry We will help people help themselves

Best Pricing – Period. We don’t just say we offer the best pricing online, but we guarantee it. Bring us a quote from any verifiable vendor, and we will beat it. Simple as that.
We accept all major credit cards and Bitcoins – We process orders for tens of thousands of customers, so we know that having payment flexibility is critically important.
24/7 Tech Support – We offer US-based technical support all day, every day. No more calling some random number and hoping for an answer to your question.
5 Day Delivery Time Guarantee - We guarantee we will have your product to your door in five business days in the US. In case of a shipping delay, we will credit you for any lost mining time based on the current LTC standard.

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