Business/ Coin audit

In every country a company has to be registered, for providing (potential) clients security, monitoring by the governement in how a company conducts itself and offcourse to pay the appropriate taxes. We are aware this system is not waterproof, but it gives more security to business worldwide, even such that this model is adapted throughout the whole world.

However this system is new to crypto related business, and so new investors lose money in 'scams'. Therefore we, the largest crypto directory on the web, decided to step up.

Get your business audited!

Not just by a one time audit, which would be ineffective, but by regular auditing your business.


As a business owner there is nothing you can lose. really nothing, since providing it in any other type of business it is mandatory. In fact you can only win.


By auditing your business you give clients & investors proof that your company is conducting in both legal and ethical ventures.

Frequent asked questions

How do you conduct your audit?
Unfortunately we can disclose it. However it is not based on a one time contact. Business owners and crypto coin developer(s) will be screened regulary.

Can you guarantee a scam prevention?
No we can't nor can we be held responsible in any form for any investment in money, services, goods etc. Investing in crypto, like in any other business, requires proper research, doing due diligence etc.

Do you store my data online?
No data will be stored online.

Can I stop an audit?
Yes a running audit can be stopped. Please notify your contact person.

Not so bad right? Why not get your business audited today. Click here.
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