Please contact us
Procedure & timeframe:
Paid listings: mail to your contactperson > max 48 hours.
Free listings: use the contactform > max. 14 days.

Please contact us
Procedure & timeframe:
Paid listings: mail to your contactperson > max 48 hours.
Free listings: use the contactform > max 14 days.

Free listing consist of basic information like a logo, website and a description. Paid listings however are excellent advertisement pages. Not only do they look better. Paid listings come on top on every page; be it a tag overview, search result page or when a user is browsing a category. Paid is Premium and it will always show on top, We charged a little fee, compared to the extra attention a paid listing gets. To make it even better we provide extra promotion on our homepage and social media pages.

No, we don't give refunds. If you are unhappy on the service delivered please contact us.

There is no funding, there is only an interest for helping crypto going mainstream. All costs are paid from advertising revenue and paid services; premium listings, audits etc.

Unfortunately we can disclose it. However it is not based on a one time audit. Depending on the kind of audit; Business owners and developers will be audited regulary.

No we can't nor can we be held responsible in any form for any investment in money, services, goods etc. Investing in crypto, like in any other business, requires proper research, doing due diligence etc.

No data will be stored online.

Yes a running audit can be stopped. Please notify your contact person.

The short answer is No. The long answer is more complicated. We live in a new age. People deserve to know what is happening and what has happened. The law agrees with that, in most countries claims against directories are lost by the opposition. If you feel comments on this website are targetted by a competitor please contact us, so we can analyze it.
Note: If you own a personal blog and want to get delisted, we provide a solution where your blog can get archived.

You can contribute by:
1) Signing up as an editor and help keeping this database up to date
2) Give us your advise on how to improve this website
3) Giving us a (small) donation. We are happy with every amount you are willing to give.
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Litecoin address: 1M58yLUVcTT1gBin482riYz79B1rNxRoCD

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